Messages Froms Director


Greetings from Citizen Builders Limited. You will be delighted to know that our vision and mission is to provide a safe and quality living for you all. Not only we pay attention on building safe and durable living but also best effort to arrange the most modern and best facilities for quality living.

Citizen Builders Limited proportionate its outstanding journey with a brilliant vision to solve the country's increasing high demand of accommodation especially among the urban dwellers.

The development project of Citizen Builders Limited is to aim at providing housing facilities to middle and limited income people. We believe that we have properly responded to the necessity of time and increasing high demand for the same in the urban areas.

Citizen Builders Limited dedicated to "Serve the Nation". Citizen Builders Limited committed to make the projects affordable, safe and durable for middle and limited income people of Bangladesh and Foreign Countries.

Citizen's vision and mission is to achieve excellence in the real estate sector of Bangladesh providing living comfortable and to attain leadership in total project quality and completion deadline in management.

Thank You