General Features

  • High Efficiency International Standard lift.
  • Standby Generator as per capacity required.
  • Proportionate staircase, lobby, roof etc.
  • Association office with prayer room.
  • System for fire extinguisher
  • Earthling to power outlet.
  • System of Garbage shoots
  • 24 hours security System.
  • Electrical Sub-station.
  • Provision for CCTV.
  • Intercom facility.
  • Fire Escape.
  • All National Standard.

Other Feature & Amenities

    Building Intarnce

  • 1. Secured decorative gate with lampposts as per the elevation & perspective of the building, logos on polished marble or granite, Comfortable internal driveway, personal mail boxes.

    Reception lobby

  • 1. Reception desk with marble/granite top. Foreign made floor tiles used in reception area, Separate toilet for visitor

    Apartment layout

  • 1. Maximize advantages, especially in relation to the daylight and outside view.Privacy has been emphasized in designing the layou so that the master and second bedrooms are located away fro the guest bedroom and main entertainment areas


  • 1. Main door chowkat will be 6" X 2.5 made by Chittagong teakwood.Internal door chowkat will be 6 X 2.5" made by Shillkarai /Teakchamble.


  • 1. Main door shutter will be decorative made by teakwood.
  • 2. All internal door shutters will be flush door (Hatil/ foreigrn/Partex of wood teak veneer/Teak Chamble),
  • 3. All bathroom door shutters will be flush door/UPVC (Ultrapoly venyl carbon) Heart heat resistant plastic door
  • 4. Door chain, check viewer, mortise lock, doorknocker etc.will be provided along with main door


  • 1. Security grill by 3mm flat bar.
  • 2. Sliding aluminum section of any available colon
  • 3. 5 mm tinted glass of matching color

    Bath room

  • 1. Every bathroom will be glazed wall tiles and non slip floor tilesForeign made).
  • 2. Imported sanitary wares and imported best quality fittings will be provided.
  • 3. Mirror will be provided with every basin.
  • 4. One bath tub will be provided for master bath of A type flat
  • 5. Concealed hot & cold water provision for A type master bath


  • 1. Provision for double burner gas outlet over concrete platform.
  • 2. Provision of washing corner in Kitchen or Kitchen verandah.
  • 3. Stainless steel sinks with mixture.
  • 4. Exhausted fan
  • 5. Floor of Kitchen will be furnished by RAK/ equivalent quality floor tiles.


  • 1.All floors will be finished by Foreign/RAK/Equivalent quality.


  • 1. Railing of staircase will be provided by Iron and wood fabrica-tion.


  • 1. Smooth finishing high quality plastic paint on walls and ceilings.
  • 2. Soft color high quality painting on outside wall (Weather coat/Snowcem).
  • 3. Painting materials will be Berger/Elite/Romana/Roxy/Standard quality of any brand

    Electrical material

  • 1. All wiring pipe will be concealed as per working drawing.
  • 2. All circuit breaker will be imported/best quality of any brand.
  • 3. SDB &ESDB box will be made as per required drawing
  • 4. Switch &Socket fittings will be best quality of foreign made


  • 1. Required transformer PFI plant, LT Plat, HT cable etc. will be provided as per requirement.

    Cable TV & Telephone

  • 1.Concealed wiring will be provided for each flat.

    Roof Top work

  • 1. Roof lime terracing /engraved tiles after three coat of fit flex coating.
  • 2. Cloth stand.

    Water pump

  • 1. European Origin Pedrollo or sear or equivalent as per required HP.

Structural & Engineering Features

  • Structure will be protected from Cyclon wInds up to 250 mph to be incorporated in structural design.
  • Structure will be designed to withstand Earthquake of Richter Scale Earthquake of Richter Scale 7 in severe earthquake.
  • Best quality stone chips/brick chips; first class brick, cement, rod, sand etc. will be used as per requirement,
  • All the parameters related to structural design based on Bangladesh National Building Codes (BNBC, ASTM, ACI & UBC)
  • The foundation of building will be raft foundation or individual spread footing.
  • Structural analysis for design utilizes the latest methodology.
  • Direct supervision at every stage of construction by a team of experienced and qualified civil engineers to ensure highest quality of workmanship.